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article : Who Seeks Control over The Internet ?


Tonight I've just made my English translation of this French conference by Benjamin Bayart available online, in both HTML and PDF formats :  Who Seeks Control over The Internet ? (Qui cherche à contrôler Internet ?)

Benjamin describes internet as a long-awaited tool for democracy, rendering possible, at last, freedom of expression and other ideals from the Enlightment philosophy; how that quality relies on fundamental properties like openness and neutrality, why those have such fierce opponents, and who these opponents are.

I particularly like his determined optimism, which is a change from the common activist's tone.

The conference is also quite instructive, and a successful attempt, I think, at explaining the layman what is the Internet. I have profusely annotated it to go further in that direction.

Enjoy the reading.

16 FEB 2013

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16 FEB 2013   Who Seeks Control over The Internet ? (0)
[English]   [ politics - censorship - internet - freedom ]

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