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article : Finished translating an Ingmar Bergman interview

Ok, so I just finished my English translation of this 2001 interview of Ingmar Bergman. (In fact I did it years ago, all I really did today was a bit of tidying up before releasing.)

Bergman talks for about 40 minutes about big and little things in life: writing, living in the countryside, going to the movies, making movies, having fears and hopes, growing old...

It is a video documentary so I'm releasing it in the form of subtitles that you can download here. The video is available in the form of this torrent. (I recommend VLC for the playing.)

And now for a bit of disclaimer : you should know that downloading the torrent hereabove is illegal and rated almost as bad as child abuse or terrorism in most countries. So download that link at the risk of having your soul burn forever, or worse, being raped in prison with other copyright infringers.

Of course, if you'd rather buy the DVD, and then rip it in order to sync my subtitles in a software video player, you're welcome to ask your nearest shop or surf commercial websites for it. I wish you best of luck with that.

In France, this interview was released in 2004 as a DVD bonus to Bergman's film "The Magic Flute" (an adaptation of Mozart's opera). I don't know about other countries.

28 NOV 2012

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